Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Immigration Experience of Vietnamese Americans Essay

The Immigration Experience of Vietnamese Americans - Essay Example However these people have strongly come back and made their place in the United States of America. This article would further discuss the Vietnamese Americans in detail. In 1975 Vietnam was undergoing a war which came to an end. This war even after ending left its effect on the Vietnamese people. The government which was supporting the people of Vietnam was now about to change and this created an atmosphere of insecurity for the Vietnamese people. In 1975 the first group of immigrants of Vietnamese people left their country. These people at first migrated to the refugee centers developed by the government of United States. However after some legislations were introduced these refugees were allowed to properly live in America. The era of immigrants did not end here as the new government started taking strict actions against the people of Vietnam. This further encouraged the Vietnamese people to leave their own land and migrate to America. As more and more immigrants were fleeing to United States the state restricted the entry of these people after a certain limit. However this step taken by the government of America harmed the people of Vietnam and f urther helped the new government in Vietnam to take proper actions against them. The journey of immigration for the Vietnamese people did not end here as living on the soil of America was more difficult then expected by them. The people belonging to Vietnam were equipped with a strong culture which was to be followed. This culture had rules which were not seen by the Americans previously. And this culture only made their immigration and the settling journey harder. The culture of Vietnamese people did not allow their women to work but after coming to America the men had to let go off their culture and let their women work to earn a living. This was another blow to the Vietnamese people for settling. However the people of Vietnam did not lose hope and kept on with their struggle. These people not only faced hardships economically but also socially. The children belonging to Vietnam were not able to properly talk in English and found it difficult when conversing with a native. On the other hand the education given in America was through the medium of English and this factor made the children of Vietnam leave behind in the education sector also. The people of Vietnam had strong differences in culture to that of the natives and this posed another difficulty for these Vietnams to settle in America. The people of Vietnam were not only faced by the problem of differing cultures but also with the problem of discrimination. The natives did not like the arrival of these immigrants from Vietnam and this made it even more difficult for the Vietnamese people to settle in America. The natives did not like the Vietnamese people due to the fact that they were taking over the economics and the industrial unit of America. Thus this posed another problem to the Vietnamese people. However after a series of hardships the Vietnamese people grew in numbers and took over America. These people after a long time started to settle properly on the soil of America. The children of Vietnamese people were given special instructions by their parents to learn English. They have even arranged special classes of English for their children. This has helped the children of Vietnam to increase their knowledge and enhance their educational level.

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